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Sunday, November 12, 2006

So, What's wrong with me...

So I am at a weird space with my gaming. I think I have mentioned some aspects of it both here and on the podcasts I do, so if you care to join me on this journey, right on. Maybe brainstorming with myself will help figure it out...if not it will at least give me my first blog entry in ages.

So, here goes. If i had to list the games I have in my collection I really care about, let's give it a shot:

Dogs in the Vineyard
Mutants and Masterminds
and pretty much whatever is new and shiny, cause that's really another huge personality flaw of mine.

Flames of War
Infinity: The Game

Federation Commander
Too many to name that I would at least like to try.

Here is where I really run into trouble - Casual Games:
Pirates of the Spanish Main
And others.

So, as I have mentioned int he past, I have little free time to play games. I generally have time to paint or play, but if I do both, they both suffer. At times that's fairly frustrating and will cause to to focus on one or the other...neglecting one. Which then is frustrating in another fashion.

How did all this really come up? It was this morning, when I was given the chance to play Vincent Baker's Mechaton. I was really resistant. I am almost certain it had a lot to do with feeling like I _should_ be playing one of the other games on my ever growing list, rather than adding another one to it. Is it because I am feeling overwhelmed? Guilty for basically sucking at many of the games I play because I play so many? Then I find myself not playing anything because I am in a massive rut.

I am wondering if I should just abandon a portion of the hobby. I just don't know which it would be. Maybe I should whittle down my games...but which ones? Maybe Pirates? Maybe Dreamblade? Maybe I should shoot WoW in the foot before I really get started? Is that really the answer? Many, many few answers.

And maybe that's why I reacted the way I did to the Mechaton game today. I wasn't willing to even open up to it, which is so not fair either to my friend Chris who was excited about it...or to Vincent Baker for writing something novel and creative. I walked into it not wanting to like it, because ultimately I knew it would just be something else to add to the shelf, never to be played again. So I dismissed it even during the demo. Sorry, Chris.

Now is the time in Sprokets where we dance. I suppose I need to go and sit and figure this out. I gotta do _something_

Anyway, wish me luck, I really think I need it.


At 6:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is probably nothing wrong with you, just hitting the same wall I encountered many years ago, balancing the joy of playing games with the finite amount of time available in any given day.

My solution to the problem (which works great for me) was to simply state that I will only play one game of any specific type. I play one miniatures game (WARMACHINE), I play one card game (L5R), and I collect only one RPG (Iron Kingdoms). Board games and Video games fall into this policy as well (just slightly modified so that I only play one video game at a time, instead of a four or five.) If any game wishes to make it onto my list they have to prove to be more interesting and better than the ones already there. This of course means that I can sit down to play other games, but it will not guarantee that they will make it onto my shelves or get regular play time.

This solution is also something that may only work for me, but it was a solution and it has really helped to keep me from getting burned out or overwhelmed.

Good Luck,

At 4:06 AM, Blogger Zatt said...

Thanks for your reply to my comment on Zatt's Place!

Nah, there's nothing wrong with you. My advice, when I started to run out of time, I shot WoW down the rabbit hole and didn't bother to see where it went. (Maybe my Orc is resting with Alice and the Mad Hatter.)


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