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Sunday, July 30, 2006

We lost a friend....

On Wednesday July, 26 we lost a member of our local gaming community. Britt Daniel was a staple feature in gaming around the Bay Area for years, and years. At age 39, he had been playing games for at least 30 of those years and was well versed in the hobby. He had an eclectic taste in his minis and RPGs, and a deep knowledge of both. He had so many friends within in small community, and I know he will be missed. There is a touching eulogy over at 1000 Buffalo by Brian Isikoff. I encourage you to read it.If Britt had any charities or organizations he favored, please contact me so that I might get those details posted here. To the friends and family (and there were many), we offer our sincerest regrets. Britt will be missed.


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