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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Some days teh Internets is not your friend...

Man oh man, sometimes I love me my Internets. And sometimes I hate me some Internets. This week is the later. As this is my own Personal Rant ZoneTM,, I feel that it is totally ok to vent on the suck-age of teh Internets, on my blog...and not come off as hypocritical. So there.

I just have been dealing with drama after drama this week. And you know what, _not a single one_ of these dramas would have occurred face to face. Not one. Why? Ya'll now all about the anonymity of the, I will just attribute it to total suck-age. There, I said it. As far as I am concerned, teh Internets sucks this week.

On another note, I played Funny Friends by Friedemann Friese, yesterday. Aside from the fact that it has some fairly adult themes, it is one of the best party games I have played in ages. I can't recommend it enough. So that was good.


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