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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Why I like Battlefront...

(This was posted elsewhere, but I thought I was brilliant so I reposted it here. (Ok, you are right, I am not only brilliant, but lazy. I have been meaning to say this for a while. Hooray Lazy!)

I am going to step out on a limb here, and say I am a pretty big proponent of the line (Flames of War), even though the discount blows goats.

1) It introduces historicals to kids in a very consumer friendly way. We have had some of the 40k kids buy some FoW stuff over the past year. That gives me a more palatable option for some of the kids who may not a) really have the cash for a full 1850pt space marine army, b) a more comprehensive simple game system to teach them, than we currently have with 40k.

2) Older gamers who have left gaming (fed up with 40k, wandered off for no good reason, etc) are finding this game, and _it is bringing them back to gaming_. That is huge in my mind. More players in gaming (especially ones with disposable income) = A'OK in my book.

3) Historicals gamers like the models. No not all of them, and many dislike the blah blah blah nature of the rules, but I now have historicals customers back in the store. Even occasionally. And the they find things like Warhammer Ancients, and our modeling tools. We have a couple loyal customers who work with us first to try and Special order their esoteric minis, before they order online.

4) I personally like the company. I like Jean-Paul, and I like his main sales guy Chris Frye. My personal opinion, not really looking for an argument.

5) I think in tandem, Battlefront and Privateer have made such an impact in GW, that I (finally) am starting to see some advanced steps from GW into improving some things wrong in their business process. Who knows, both GW and BF may only end up shooting themselves in the foot, but they are causing each other to do some very interesting things.

So basically, in a way roundabout fashion, I think more than anything Battefront is making some sweeping changes, that aren't solely in sales of it's own game. I dunno if they even mean to be doing it, but after a few conversations, I am pretty sure they do. So, I am willing to take a short discount on a game that is having that much positive impact. Whew. I'll shut up now.


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