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Thursday, December 07, 2006

One of the bravest men I have ever heard of...

I have pretty much followed the Kim's Family story every day. I used to watch James when he was on TechTV a few years ago. He reviewed digital cameras at the time, and more often than not, his wife and child (at the time) were the subject of many of his test shots. Oddly, we got to watch his family grow through his review...I think that’s one of the reasons the online community grasped this story so firmly between it’s teeth.

That aside, there is just something I can’t get out of my head. His last few minutes with his wife and children. From close accounts, the whole time they were stranded, he pretended with his older girl that they were just camping. But that must have all ended when he said his final good-byes. Having two kids, I simply cannot imagine knowing what it must feel like to say good-bye like that. I am not fond of the term hero, because as a people we have just blown the meaning of that word…but what I do think is that James Kim was one of the bravest people I could imagine. Maybe I could have walked a couple of miles in the snow…but I could NOT have left my family. I am not that brave. It was that act of bravery that saved the family. A local pilot found them on a hunch tracking them by his foot prints. It was his bravery that gave them the chance they needed. In his place, my family might not have made it. there is a donations button here. I had just happened to sell of an old iSight I had…It seemed like a fitting thing to do with the money. Maybe if all of us tech nerds unloaded one un-needed tech goodie on ebay, we could help the family pay for the rescue efforts, and a fund for the family in general.

Take care James, you did good...


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