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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Year of the Dragon...

This morning's Year of the Dragon presentation by Wizards of the Coast was MUCH better than last night's "announcement." (See, I told them, they could do better.) They are pretty serious about the whole Dragon thing, and oodles of stuff is coming down the pipe in 2006 with just that fiery butter-ness. Some things I really was pleased about:

- The add-on to the Basic set will come with a full Player's handbook and a free set of plastic D&D minis on the first run as an incentive for new players to try it. That's a $13 value, and a fine idea. This is something I really will try and sell to parents as an add-on to the basic set. It has me really excited.

- This ties directly into the fact that they are going to spend an assload of money marketing to "new players". They are actively trying to bring new people into D&D. That I applaud, and as a store owner hope to help with in any way I really can.

- There is a hard cover art book on dragons called "The Practical Guide to dragons." It will be $29.99 and have some short stories as well. This is aproduct not only for D&D players, but anyone interested in Dragons and Fantasy art.

- The Players Handbook II and Monster Manual IV are coming...and will be much of the same as they predecessors.

- The Big D&D minis are called D&D: Icons. I saw (and have a picture of) the colossal Red dragon. It is beautiful. I will post the picture as soon as I can get to my cable.

- Worldwide D&D Day 2005 was even more successful than 2004. That means we get another one in 2006. That's pretty cool.

- Not mentioned much, but on a slide was a book called "Expedition to Castle Ravenloft". (Oh hell yes).

- Margaret Weiss and Tracey Hickman are collaborating on their first D&D book in ages, and it will be: dragon themed.

I am sure there was more, but those are the key points. I think this could be a very good year for the game. I left feeling pretty excited.


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