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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Infinity: The Game...

After my buddy Anthony was kind enough to help me pin some incredibly tiny parts onto my Pan Oceana minis, and a marathon build session to get the rest of the parts put together...I finally got to play Infinity: The Game. I give it two big thumbs up for sure. I think for quite a while I have been looking for something in terms of minis gaming that hasn't been out there. I have wanted something with super nice figures akin to the quality Rackham has been putting out for ages. Something skirmish, cause as I get older more is not necessarily better. Something Sci-fi, cause well..I like it. Something not overly complex, cause well..I don't like rules all that much. FInally I wanted it to be cinematic, cause I like my games to have a little flavor to them. I thought i was going to get that in Abberant's Rezolution game, but in the end, the figures stink on ice, and the rules-set was just plain not edited at all. Infinity has all the above and a tropical punch flavored juice box thrown in for good measure.

So far the game is only in quick start rules, as they are translating it from Spanish. Over time they have been adding more and more to these rules, and have done so in a very clean way. Generally, you are only going to have a handful of minis per side as the game stands now. I think I had 7 and my opponent (who was also teaching me the game) had 6. The game itself works off a d20, but has nothing to do with the "d20 system." Each player is given one "order" per figure on your team. Some figures also give additional specific orders. These orders are used to move a model in full run, move and fire, activate camo, etc. Even more interesting is the fact that you can devote all these orders to one single model. I liked the "eggs in one basket" type situation you can take chances with. It is also one of the new generation of minis games that isn't a simple "I go, you go, I go, you go" type model. Infinity also allows you to react to to what your opponent is doing. In some cases that might be trying to spot a figure using active camo (think Predator suit), shot back at someone shooting at you, or dodge out of the way of fire. The game itself is brutal, and straying away from cover usually means you go down fast. I think our demo only took about 30 mins.

I am really riding loose and fast with how I am describing the game. Hopefully I have done it some justice. In any case, if you live near a store selling and playing the game, try and get yourself a demo. I think you will enjoy it.


At 9:24 AM, Blogger Chris said...

My regular Flames of War opponent has been drooling over this game. He loves the look of the minis, being a big anime head. I imagine we'll end up giving it a spin, though I think I'll wait until they have a full rulebook ready. I hope they do a better job translating it into English than Rackham did with Confrontation. That hardback they released last year was beautiful but the text really needed an edit by a native English speaker.

Chris Pramas

At 1:33 PM, Blogger Chris Hanrahan said...

Hey Chris,

Thanks for posting. I have spoken/emailed directly to the Corvis Belli folks, and that is a big concern of theirs as well...citing your direct example of something they are trying to avoid. From what I understand, the rule-book for Infinity is already available in Spain, and they are taking a bunch of extra time to get it right for the English speaking market. They understood subtleties in the translation could be lost that are pretty important for the rules to flow properly, and thats why we wont see them in English until April. So, that was a long way of saying, sounds like they are on it. I hope they come through!


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