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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

One more fact that the terrorists are winning...

I own a game store, and was working behind the counter all day yesterday...not one person mentioned Talk like a pirate day.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Well, I'm back...mostly...

The store just did Conquest SF, and it was quite the time. I worked my butt off, but the store did way above what we did last year at the same it was worth it. I _think_ overall attendence at the show was up. It attracted some cool Indutry type folks: Ken Hite who I finally got to meet. James Ernest who was doing seminars, and seems to a be a minis gamer (which I didn't know), Keith Baker who seemed quite cool, and finally Dave Arneson. That was pretty damn cool. I don't tend to be the fanboy type, but to see someone who has had a defining impact on your life, is pretty neat.

I am pretty beat. I think that's an understatement. The back issues I have been dealing with for a while make these cons a lot harder on me, and I find that they take even longer to recover from. I actually got some gaming in on Saturday night, with a game of Dogs in the Vineyard. I taped the session for play over at 2d6feet, and I hope even some of it was useable. It really want people to get a sense of the character generation system. I really think that's where the game shines.

Anywho, hope y'all had a good Labor Day. I labored, but it was fun seeing people, and I think we really helped make the con a little better for everyone, which really makes me happy.