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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Time for some props giving...

I really haven't read them yet (and have no idea when I will), but dayum. The folks at Battlefront, who produce Flames of War have sent out their "freebee set of rules" for the 2nd edition of the game. What they have decided to do is give anyone and everyone who owns a first edition set of rules, a trade paperback sized set of the new 2nd edition, 100% free. All you will need to do is bring your rulebook to your local retailer, they will stamp your first ed. book, and hand you this brand spanking new edition of the game...fer free. Yes, free. This is full color, on magazine grade stock, and fully ready to get you playing. It's 164 pages, all the rules, lots of art, photos, and...yes once again, full color. It even has an index. You will also be able to buy a full on hardcover right around that's where you can find your fluff, etc. Free. Yes, I said it again. Free.

Now, you have heard me rant on "devaluation of product" many, many times in the past. I should be mad about this one, right? Nope, quite the contrary. This little freebee is some of the finest marketing I have seen in ages within our "industry." These folks know they make all their dough on why not keep people playing the game? Hand them some rules, get them excited...boom. Everyone is happy.

These should be in your FLGS hand's 7/6/06. Serioulsy, if you feel inclined, give a nod to battlefront. This was a realy nice, and smart thing to do.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ya, maybe not such a good idea...

So, I am running the Shab-Al-Hiri Roach at our July 15th Minicon. This story here, makes me wonder if this is such a good idea:
Read it, and be afraid.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

All I can say is WOW...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sometimes you forget...

You know, I suck. I really don't mention enough how lucky I am. I am doing this today from something I read in Wil Wheaton's Blog the following:

"Selecting my really geeky T-shirts was much more fun, and I realized that my wardrobe is essentially one huge shipment from Think Geek. Somehow, I managed to land myself a wife who is not only hot, smart, and puts up with me, but is also cool with the fact that her 33 year-old husband would rather wear the shirt, or The Shirt, than the stuff the rest of our adult friends wear."

I read this as I was wearing my shirt that has a squirrel holding a stick above a caption that reads, "Protect you nuts." So, thanks to Wil for putting in writing, what I should be saying way more often. My wife's hard work, determination, and job allow me to have a game store, to wear shorts and a T-shirt with an "Irate squirrel" on it, and well...a million other things. So, ya...what Wil said, and a whole lot more.

I love you Toni!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

I have the best family ever. My Father's day consists of: getting to sleep in, having breakfast from my favorite Mexican restaurant brought to me at home, sitting and building miniatures, and the first play of this season's California Shakespeare Festival. Does it get any better than that. No. It doesn't. Really.

Anywho, Happy Father's Day to all you father's out there.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

In light of my last post...

Things that make doing what I do easier:

A person comes in the store today, and really takes his time looking around. I have gotten very good at spotting a first timer in the store, who is also clearly a hobby gamer. I made sure he felt welcome, and offered help a few times (without giving the hard sell tm). As he was making his purchase, I made sure to ask him if he found everything ok. Without hesitation, and a BIG grin he said, 'Oh yes! I have to say, this is easily the nicest game store I have ever been to in the 20 years I have been gaming.'

We talked some more, and he left smiling. That'll keep ya going for a while. :)

Things you learn owning a Game Store

Things you learn owning a Game Store

My store has lots and lots of dedicated play space. Maybe more than most in the area. We run weekly events, and also some special ones too. One of the hardest things to get off the ground is a new event. We find that it takes at least two months if it is a weekly event, and maybe longer if it occurs only occasionally. Maybe this is because we have a very dense amount of stores in the area..maybe it's how people handle their personal schedules. And really, that's the point of the post. I always feel bad when we run an event that draws one person. They end up by sitting around, and essentially wasting their time. I see it an entirely different way, as they are there showing _other people_ who have showed up for other reasons, something they are interested in. I am clear this takes some amount of social skills and willingness to talk to strangers...and that isn't easy for some gamers...but I think I am digressing.

I think the thing that bums me out the most, and which doesn't always motivate me to push for new and different events is this conversation:

Person: "yeah, wow..I wish we had more people here."
Me: "I agree, but we continue to push people to our forums, help schedule the events, and make the introductions for like minded people..."
Person: "Yeah, I know, I just wish we had more people."

At which point it's clear they are looking to me to solve that problem. Sadly, I have no more control over people's free time, or choice of how they are using it than..well, they do. I always wish I could magically make eight people show up to sanction the magic event, I always wish there was a fourth person to play that second game of 40k...but sometimes that just isn't in the cards, and someone is disappointed. I totally understand it...don't get me wrong. I wanna jump up and down and clarify how much of my week goes to marketing initiatives...but really, that's not the right thing to do. So I smile and try and comfort...question is, who does that for me ;)

I suppose thats what blogs are for, hunh?